Monday, September 8, 2008

MTV Awards!?!?

WOW! I am not sure what took place last night but I remember the MTV Awards being a lot more entertaining than that. The host was different, I mean he was not bad but I guess he was not what I expected. He spent way too much time dissing the Jonas Brothers. By the end of the show I felt bad for them.

Brittney looked great. This is the Britney the world loves and it was nice to see her win all those awards. One thing though, I never heard that song in my life. I don't know if the awards were given to her for encouragement or if she really earned them. Either way I am happy for her. Maybe now she will take life a little more seriously after almost losing it all.

Lil Wayne... WOW! He definately has the tightest pants in hip-hop. No one can say anything about jim Jones & Juelz any longer. He made their pants look baggier than MC Hammer's. Oh and I am not sure what was all that flirting him and T-Pain were doing with eachother but I did not apprciate it. Two grown ass men chasing eachother around is just not something that should be televised.

Lastly, Kanye did his thing. I was not expecting that at all especially to close the show but I must say I was feeling the song. I am not a Kanye fan but I must say I am looking everywhere to try to download that song but no luck so far. I would have liked a more entertaining performance, maybe a song we could have all sang along to. Maybe it's just me...

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