Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you ready for some Football???

I am!!!

I don't want to say I am happy for Tom Brady's injury but I am happy that now the AFC East is up for grabs. Let's face it, with Brady playing the Patriots would have been getting ready for the superbowl. Now that he's hurt they, like everyone else, will have to play their asses off.

Next week will show us if the Jets are for real. If they can't beat a Brady-less Patriots team then forget all about it. Forget about Favre, and the rest of the big name acquisitions. Next weekend is the time for the Jets to prove to the fans that they are a much improved team.

Jets Jets Jets!!!

MTV Awards!?!?

WOW! I am not sure what took place last night but I remember the MTV Awards being a lot more entertaining than that. The host was different, I mean he was not bad but I guess he was not what I expected. He spent way too much time dissing the Jonas Brothers. By the end of the show I felt bad for them.

Brittney looked great. This is the Britney the world loves and it was nice to see her win all those awards. One thing though, I never heard that song in my life. I don't know if the awards were given to her for encouragement or if she really earned them. Either way I am happy for her. Maybe now she will take life a little more seriously after almost losing it all.

Lil Wayne... WOW! He definately has the tightest pants in hip-hop. No one can say anything about jim Jones & Juelz any longer. He made their pants look baggier than MC Hammer's. Oh and I am not sure what was all that flirting him and T-Pain were doing with eachother but I did not apprciate it. Two grown ass men chasing eachother around is just not something that should be televised.

Lastly, Kanye did his thing. I was not expecting that at all especially to close the show but I must say I was feeling the song. I am not a Kanye fan but I must say I am looking everywhere to try to download that song but no luck so far. I would have liked a more entertaining performance, maybe a song we could have all sang along to. Maybe it's just me...